After 19 years of closing the village.. ‘Israel’ opens the roads to Saddet Qalqas

Hebron (QNN)- Mayor of Hebron Taiseer Abu Sneineh announced on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation authorities have approved to open Saddst Qalqas village for Palestinians after a 19-year-long closure.

Abu sneineh assured that the Israeli approval is a result of long efforts and pressure made by the nearly 5000 residents of the West Bank village in addition to efforts by the municipality of Hebron and the Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Abu Sneineh also said that the municipality of Hebron will start the needed preparations to rehabilitate the roads to the village. He also explained that the village is very important due to its location; as it connects the 2 sides of Hebron city.

Saddet Qalqas is located in southern Hebron on nearly 10 km2 of Palestinian lands. The Israeli authorities first constructed a settlers-only road, which separated the village from Hebron city, then closed the main road to the village 19 years ago.

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