Under Israeli pressure, Germany orders Palestinian writer to leave its territory

Berlin (QNN)- Germany decided not to renew residency of the Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat and gave him until the 31st of June to leave the country, after pressure by zionist activists and the Israeli ministry of strategy.

Thee German police has arrested Barakat on Saturday, 22nd June while he was heading to participate in a seminar under the title “The crises of Palestine liberation project and its prospects in the Arab world”, which was organized by cultural organizations.

The German decision against Barakat comes a few weeks after a movement by the German Bundestag, which deems BDS anti Semitic.

German authorities issued a decision to prevent Barakat from directly or indirectly participating in any political or cultural events. It also prevented him from participating in any family or social gathering, which has more than 10 guests.

Barakat has been living in Berlin for one year and half, and he has been working as journalist and freelance writer.

In its 4-pages-long decision, the German authorities said that after vigorous follow-up by the Federal Intelligence Service, the Commission on Crime Prevention, and the secret police, “it turned out that Khaled Barakat has been involved for several years in a series of activities, seminars, and interviews in Germany, some of which indicated Antisemitism and anti-Israelism”.

The report added that information, mostly gathered from Zionist sources, see that “Khaled Barakat poses a threat on the internal civil peace in Germany and incites tension and hate against Jews”, and that he did not change his “radical extremist thoughts, which could be dangerous”.

The report also accused Barakat of being an “active” member in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and that he calls for “the boycott and international isolation against Israel”. It also noted that Barakat’s activism in Europe focused on the right “of Palestinian refugees to return and in the boycott and isolation of Israel”.

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