Israel destroyed 830 residential units in latest aggression on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli aerial and artillery strikes on Gaza completely destroyed 130 residential units and partially destroyed 700 others, displacing hundreds of Palestinian families during the latest aggression on the besieged enclave.

The Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing issued on Monday a report, which mentioned that all teams are still working to remove the rubble of the destroyed buildings ad houses and open roads.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza said that Israel’s machinery targeted over 300 structures, which included houses, buildings, security headquarters, civilian institutions, agricultural lands, and infrastructure.

27 Palestinians were murdered in the Israeli airstrikes on the enclave. The victims included a fetus, two babies, children, and women. Meanwhile, 156 others were wounded in two days of the Israeli aggression.

1 thought on “Israel destroyed 830 residential units in latest aggression on Gaza

  1. This report is one to mentioned the missile attack on the Jewish homes. Do you think whole world is as blind as you’re. I were to be be in the Prime Minister’s shoes I will flattened Gaza. Zombies

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