“Israel” murders pregnant mother and her little daughter

Gaza (QNN)- A Palestinian pregnant lady and her one0year-old little daughter were murdered by Israeli warplanes, which targeted their house in Zaitoon neighborhood in eastern Gaza on Saturday.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said that Filisteen Abu Arar (pregnant 37-year-old lady) succumbed to wounds in her head, following her one-year-old little daughter Saba Abu Arar, who directly died under the Israeli shelling, which targeted a concentration of civilians in eastern Gaza.

The Palestinian resistance retaliated to the Israeli crimes firing over 200 missiles at surrounding settlements.

Israeli warplanes have launched a series of airstrikes against different civilian buildings, causing 12 Palestinians to be injured.

4 thoughts on ““Israel” murders pregnant mother and her little daughter

  1. It appears that the Israeli killing was a result of another attack by Palestine in their un-ending 70 year war with Israel.

    [personally, I would have bulldozed all of ‘Palestine’ by now and start over with ‘palestinians’ who actually want their own nation]

  2. Maybe someday the Palestinian terrorists will learn that when they keep attacking Israel, they are endangering their own people who can end up as collateral damage when Israel defends itself.

  3. Absurd take in this article. Israel responds to every rocket fired out of Gaza with air strikes on the location the rocket was fired from.

    Ask yourself why Hamas would use hospitals and schools and homes owned by young mothers as a base to attack from, if they didn’t also know that when Israel retaliate ls, they will kill innocent people?

    Because they DO NOT CARE about Palestinians at all. They Hamas want power and to fight and win their “Holy War” they have been fighting for over seven decades.

    My own country would bomb anybody who boned us first back, and so would yours.

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