5 martyrs and 40 injuries in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The death toll of the Palestinian civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza increased to 5, while 40 others were injured.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that 5 Palestinians, including a pregnant woman, have been killed while 40 others were injured in the Israeli escalation, which started on Saturday morning.

The martyrs are Imad Naseir (22 years old) and Khaled Abu Qlaiq (25 years old) from northern Gaza. Saba Abu Arar (one year old) and her pregnant mother Filisteen Abu Arar (37 years old) from eastern Gaza were also murdered in the Israeli strikes.

the Palestinian resistance fired over 200 retaliation missiles at surrounding settlements, Beersheba, and Asdod as a response to the Israeli crimes.

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