Madonna to perform at Eurovision in “Israel”

(QNN) – American singer and songwriter Madonna will reportedly perform at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in “Israel”.

The Israeli newspaper of Haaretz said that the European Broadcasting Union has confirmed that the singer will perform two songs at the event, which will take place in “Tel Aviv” in May 2019.

Madonna has chosen to turn a deaf ear to calls made by Palestinians, Israelis and internationals asking her to boycott the Israeli Apartheid regime and refrain from performing there.

Each and every artist playing “Israel” while turning a blind eye to its ongoing occupation and apartheid against the Palestinian people, is also helping it maintain a facade of business as usual while sending a green light to the continuation of the systematic violations of international law and the disrespect of universally recognized human rights, stated Boycott Israel activism website.
International activists said that Madonna sides with the occupation in her explicit support of the criminal Israeli regime by ignoring the demands of the oppressed Palestinians. Her performance is a blatant attempt to whitewash Israeli crimes.

1 thought on “Madonna to perform at Eurovision in “Israel”

  1. למה שמתם מרכאות על שמות “ישראל” ו”תל אביב”? המאבק הלגיטימי לעצמאות פלסטין לא צריך לעבור במחיקת ישראל

    لماذا وضعت علامات اقتباس على أسماء “إسرائيل” و “تل أبيب”؟ لا يجب محو الكفاح المشروع من أجل الاستقلال الفلسطيني عن طريق محو إسرائيل

    Why did you put quotation marks on the names “Israel” and “Tel Aviv”? The legitimate struggle for Palestinian independence does not need to be by erasing Israel

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