First martyr on Great Return March anniversary and Land Day

Gaza (QNN) – A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed Saturday morning by the Israeli occupation forces east of Gaza city.

Palestine’s Ministry of Health announced today the martyrdom of Mohammed Jihad Saa’d by an Israeli bullet in the head on Gaza’s eastern borders.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza Strip have begun since the early morning marching towards the borders between the besieged enclave and the occupied territories to commemorate Land Day and the first anniversary of the Return Marches.

1 thought on “First martyr on Great Return March anniversary and Land Day

  1. I cry about the voice of my prophet…when he cried in tears and call word “ummati” to his creator. it is his (Peace be with him) prayers that Allah has given us chance. You tell me? from Morocco to Indonesia! we want to watch Bollywood movies and praise the movie creator. We have become Friends of Our enemy’s friend (those one who wants to butcher us).
    Why wouldn’t we change. and to those Christians who will hide on the hour of Jesus’s coming because all their lives they escaped the reality and blindly supported to powerful. Surely, the world sees now clearly that ISIS was their asset to create Greater Israel. With all that i leave it my Creator for what he has decided. No matter how super power you all claim. The creator has taken all of them out very well. i dont say it read Bible, Torah or Quran !

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